Dell is one of the well-known names in IT industry. By providing extremely rugged and powerful laptops they have definitely set the market on fire. Dell laptops have determined to be the most worthy and the best among all other laptop brands. Just their name imprinted over products like notebooks, laptops, desktops, etc is sufficient enough to let public know that they are the best. Dell offers a wide range of Laptops to all their customers so that they can fulfil everyone’s need. Also, Dell support service makes an exception, with their complete support service their users don’t have to worry about anything.

connect Dell laptop to Wi-Fi

Dell is able to gain both recognition and respect from their modern consumers which is why they are most admired and most beloved brand among various other available laptop brands. Performance presented by their laptops stood out when it comes to perfection. Their laptops were packed with all new and latest technology and software. If you are already using a Dell laptop you know how smooth their performance is but if you still figuring out then you should start with browsing internet to watch some movies or play some online games. You can easily connect your laptop to the internet using LAN cable or wirelessly by using Wi-Fi. To connect your laptops to Wi-Fi simply follow below-mentioned steps.

  • Switch On your laptop and go to control panel (type control panel in Windows search bar or go to start and then choose control panel)
  • Select Network and Sharing settings, under this click on view network settings.
  • This will open up all your options to connect to a network.
  • Click on Wi-Fi, make sure it is enabled and then connect to a network from the network icon on the bottom right side of your computer screen.
  • Select network and enter a security password to connect to the network.

That’s it in case you still facing problem in connecting your laptop to Wi-Fi simply call on helpline number Dell Australia 1-800-921-785 for expert guidance.

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