How Can We Disable a Dell Laptop Function Key?

When an employer purchases laptop for the employees, they always turn to Dell, as due to their agreeable business tactical pricing and also keeping in mind about the durability of computers. If a person is primarily using your Dell laptop for the purpose of multimedia, such as giving business presentations or as a media centre, then you can surely disable functional key features, instead of using the keys of a media control. For doing so, in Dell laptop, you’ll need first to enter the system BIOS (Basic Input Output System) during its process of boot sequence so that you may give some instructions to your computer.

In doing so there are certain steps or you can take help from Dell customer support team.

  1. First of all, restart your Dell laptop.
  2. Then, watch its boot screen. Look for any kind of notation at the bottom instructing you to “Press F10 key to enter system BIOS.” In most of the laptops, this will be noted as “F2” key, but this may differ on your system. At the time when a message appears, hold down an appropriate key to enter BIOS screen.
  3. Then Navigate to “Advanced” tab by pressing a right arrow key.
  4. Now, scroll down to “Function Key Behaviour” on “Advanced” tab by pressing down button. Press “Enter.”
  5. Now press up/down arrow keys to move your selection to “Multimedia Key First.”
    Press “F10” to save your settings and exit.
  6. Now, allow your system to reboot for all changes to take effect.

These laptops are high class and effective laptops. They give consistency and also provide an absolute performance to the person using it. Most probably after following these steps, you’ll sure be able to achieve your objective. If you’re still having difficulty then, you can dial Dell Customer Support Australia number 1-800-921-785. They will surely you guide accordingly and you can get back to your work in moments.

If you are living in perth so you can directly contact our Dell laptop repair centre Perth 1-800-921-785

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How to Reset Your Windows 10 PC

Many times the user faces various kinds of problems with the computer. Problems like the improper running of the computer and the user getting strange errors. If the user is not satisfied and wants to return to a default state then one can choose windows 10. The operating system is full of options that help the computer restore to a previous state. For doing that the customers need to follow various kinds of steps: ——–

  • At first navigate to settings— One can get there by clicking the gear icon by click the start menu
  • Select “Update and Security”
  • Click Recovery in the left plane
  • One is left with three major options first is rest this PC, the second is going back to an earlier build and third is advanced setup. In case one wants to reset the PC then it is the best option for starting fresh. Advanced start up helps in booting off a recovery USB drive or disk. The third one, “Go to an earlier build” is made for windows insider for rolling back to previous version of OS.
  • Then click “Get started” under reset this PC
  • Then click “Keep my files” or remove everything

It depends on the user whether one wants to keep the files intact. Once this is done all the settings will get returned to their defaults and the apps will be uninstalled.

  • Select just remove may files or “Remove files and clean the drive”
    The customers can choose “Just remove my files”.
  • Click Next if one gets the warning windows can’t roll back to the prior version of OS
  • Click Reset when prompted
  • Click continue when prompted

These are the normal steps which will help the computers reset to windows to 10 PC. In case the customers are having technical problems then contact Dell laptop repairs Adelaide  do away with the problems. Many times the customers feel troubled and vexed because they are unable to solve the problems. It is here that one can call the technical support team and get help. The toll free number is 1-888-201-2039.

You can call the Dell technical support phone Number Australia and get help 1-888-201-2039.

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